Intelligent EV charger management system

SaaS solution based on the OCPP protocol to monetize EV charger networks, dynamic charger load balancing, charger performance monitoring.

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A complete set of components

Charging123 includes all the software components for managing the charging stations
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OCPP server

Connects together EV charger, mobile application for the driver and web-interface for the operator.

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Mobile application

Mobile application for drivers to control the charging of their cars.

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Web-interface for the operator

Manging network of EV chagers for their owners, setting up tariffs, reporting, monitoring.


Charging123 Features

The functional diversity of the system allows you to implement integrated solutions to meet all the customer needs
OCPP server

Production-proved integration with EV chargers of major vendors

  • ABB
  • Schneider Electric
  • e8energy
  • Efacec
  • ABL Sursum
  • EBE
  • Ensto Chago
  • ICU / Alfen
  • Etrel
  • Circontrol
  • Ecotap
  • EV-Box
  • SETEC Power
  • Elinta Charge
  • GreenFuel
OCPP server

Latest technologies for performance and stability

  • Support OCPP 1.5, 1.6 with SOAP and Websockets transports
  • Dynamic load balance capable of utilizing external meters
  • Using Amazon AWS for scalability and availability
  • Monitoring performance of server and chargers
  • Data backup
  • Audit of the principal actions.
Mobile application

Maximal simplicity for the ease of use

  • Driver only needs to provide phone number to sign up
  • Ability to pay with credit card for charging
  • Multi-language interface
  • Different currencies for different home countries of the drivers
  • Integration with navigational applications
  • Charger reservation
  • White Label is possible for certain markets.

android store android store

Web-interface for operator

Effective tools for station owners

  • Flexible multifactor tariff system, based on pay per kilowatt or pay per minute parking
  • Link RFID cards to drivers
  • Bonuses to drivers
  • Powerful reporting system
  • Receive alerts in case of emergency

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